Are you thinking of getting tiles for your home or business?
If so, there are many questions you might have.

There are several types of tiles you can have installed. This includes the two most popular, ceramic and porcelain. Other types include glass, marble, granite and slate. Sandstone, limestone and travertine are three other tiling options.

Bear in mind that each of the above tiling options have their own unique set of pros and cons. They also come in various styles and designs. The type of tiling you should opt for depends on several factors such as where you want tiles installed, how durable you want your tiles to be and what your budget is.

Yes, there is a difference. For starters, ceramic tiles have been around for thousands of years and they usually have some sort of glazing on the top of them. Porcelain tiles may not be as old as ceramic tiles, but they are considered the better of the two. Generally speaking, porcelain tiles are manufactured using the latest technology and processes. Not only that, but high quality materials are used to create porcelain tiles.

Another key difference between the two is density. Porcelain is more dense than ceramic. This means porcelain tiles tend to be more durable and reliable than ceramic tiles. Asides from that, porcelain tiles typically cost a lot more than ceramic tiles, but you get more for your money.

Generally speaking, floor tiles can be used on walls. However, not all types of floor tiles can be used, which is why you should speak with one of our professionals before choosing a specific type of floor tile on your wall. If you do want to install floor tiles on your wall, then contact us as there are things to consider things such as the materials you want the tiles to be made with, how much the tiles weigh, as well as the overall size.

Not all tiles are waterproofed. If you install tiles in an area that is prone to humidity, such as near your shower or bath, then your tiles will end up becoming ruined sooner rather than later. On that note, when installed the right way glazed tiling (or tiling with a glazed finishing) is water-resistant.

Durability is the key benefit, as tiles are among the most durable flooring and wall options out there. Not only that, but tiles are stylish and they are available in just about any size, shape and color you can think of. When it comes to selection, you virtually have endless options.

Also, the majority of tiles are very easy to clean. All you have to do is mop and/or sweep them regularly or at least a few times every now and then. You won’t need to refinish or polish tiles either, which makes tiles one of the best low-maintenance flooring options out there.

The only major downside is tiling can be expensive, but fortunately there are tiles for every budget. The good news is tiles can last for a very long time, which makes them worth the price.

There are many factors, but in most cases tiles are sold by square-feet. Leave that to us and we will determine how many square-feet of flooring or wall will need to be covered, and then you can decide on what kind of tiles you like.

The short answer is yes you could install tiles yourself, but it’s not a good idea unless you truly know what you’re doing. Too many people assume that installing tiles is an easy job, but that is far from the truth. Installing even a small number of tiles can be challenging, especially if you have no formal training or access to high quality tools.

Hire one of our professionals today because it means the job will be done properly the first time around. Furthermore, the work is also warranted so you can stress less!