What Are The Best Types Of Tiles For Outdoor Use?

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What Are The Best Types Of Tiles For Outdoor Use?

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the lifestyle of many due to restrictions on their movement and the number of people who can gather in public spaces, many homeowners and their families have rediscovered the sheer joy of simply staying at […]

What To Choose?

Make sure you speak with a professional when choosing tiles. Even feedback from those who have undertaken renovations or new builds is invaluable in helping you to make your final choice of tile. […]

Matte Tiles Explained:

Matte tiles have a following with those who want to get that rustic look for kitchens or bathrooms. They do pair well with gloss tiles (which can be used as Splashbacks in kitchens for instance). However, they are best for […]

Polished Vs Matte

Polished Vs Matte Flooring is one of the most important decisions that a homeowner will ever make and we know that the choices can be intimidating. The first step in that choice is understanding the aesthetic of each type of tile. Gloss […]